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November 24, 2015. The Day of Agrarian Issues in the Verkhovna Rada

The Ukrainian Agrarian Association in cooperation with the Ukrainian Agribusiness Club, the Ukrainian Agrarian Confederation, the Union of Poultry Breeders of Ukraine, the Agrarian Union of Ukraine, the Ukrainian Association of Producers and Processors of Soy and the TvarynProm Corporation have approached Volodymyr Groysman, Head of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, with an open letter requesting to hold the Day of Agrarian Issues in the Verkhovna Rada on November 24, 2015, and consider a range of bills which, if passed, would influence the agricultural productivity next year, employment level in the sector, the volume of agricultural product exports and the national currency stability.

Agriculture is a strategic sector of the Ukrainian national economy ensuring food security and independence of the country, making a significant contribution to the growth of the GDP of Ukraine and strengthening of the national currency, as well as contributing to employment and socio-economic development in our country.

According to the State Statistics Service of Ukraine, the agricultural industry is responsible for 35% of export of goods, 22% of employment of the population and 13% of the GDP of the country.

However, from November 27, 2014 until now, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted 287 laws, only 4 out of which (that is only 1%) relate to agriculture.

Given the significant contribution of the sector to the development of Ukraine’s economy, the agrarian associations direct attention to the importance of urgent solution of multiple long-standing problems of the agricultural sector and prompt consideration of the following bills by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. Most of them have been developed due to the involvement of the Ukrainian Agrarian Association:

  • Bill No. 2585 on Amendments to the Tax Code of Ukraine (as to Taxation in Agribusiness);
  • Bill No. 2558а on Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of Ukraine as to Deregulation in Agribusiness;
  • Bill No. 1159 on Certain Measures for Strengthening the Role of Local Communities in Managing Land Resources;
  • Bill No. 3006 on Amendments to the Land Code of Ukraine and Other Legislative Acts as to the Legal Fate of Land the Owners of Which Have Passed Away;
  • Bill No. 2279 on Amendments to the Land Code of Ukraine on Holding Land Auctions;
  • Bill No. 2027а on Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of Ukraine (as to the Single Legal Fate of a Land Plot and Property Located on It);
  • Bill No. 2028а on Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of Ukraine as to Addressing Certain Issues Regarding the Legal Status of Farm Enterprise Lands;
  • Bill No. 2150а on Amendments to the Law of Ukraine "On By-Products of Animal Origin not Intended for Human Consumption" (concerning Harmonization of the Provisions hereof in the Field of Handling Products of Animal Origin Belonging to Category II with the Requirements of the EU Legislation);
  • Bill No. 2273а on Private Veterinary Practice;
  • Bill No. 1460-1 on Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of Ukraine (as to Bringing the Legislation in the Field of Seed and Seedling Industry in line with the European and International Requirements)
  • Bill No. 2845 on Safety and Hygiene of Feed.

Passing the above-noted Bills will allow solving a wide range of social and economic challenges. Thus, the Bills bring forward the following:

  • cancel or restrict the effect of 22 licensing documents in agribusiness;
  • demonopolize the market of fertilizers;
  • implement decentralization of control of land by transferring of the ownership of over 10 mln ha of agricultural land to village / rural councils;
  • simplify the procedure of transferring of over 1.5 mln ha of land referring to ownerless heritage which will bring up to UAH 2 bln. to local budgets;
  • abolish the out-of-auction leasing out of agricultural land;
  • create conditions for the development of private veterinary practice;
  • adapt the Ukrainian legislation to the EU and other regulations in terms of products of animal origin and seeding.

As of today, these Bills being of vital concern to the country are supported by the relevant committees and are prepared by the Committee on the Agrarian Policy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine for consideration at the Session Hall.



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