About UAA:

The Ukrainian Agrarian Association is a team of leading experts with years of experience in various fields. The mission of the association is to improve public policy for the development of the agricultural sector.


Improved domestic agribusiness as a result of development of a transparent, clear, business-oriented legal environment and national policy in Ukraine, allowing not only to consolidate Ukraine's image of the world’s leading food center, but also significantly improve the welfare of citizens and the financial and economic stability of the country.


  • Protecting the interests of domestic agricultural producers;
  • Implementing the best practices of efficient legal regulation of agricultural sector;
  • Harmonizing the Ukrainian legislation with the EU legal regulations;
  • Increasing international ratings of Ukraine reflecting conditions and quality of business development, including agricultural sector; Simplifying business rules and relations with state authorities;
  • Preventing and eradicating corruptive regulations in the national legislation;
  • Maintaining a permanent open dialogue between the government, agrarians, the public and international institutions.

  • Development of regulatory legal acts (laws and bylaws) in land matters and on agribusiness activities;
  • Analysis of regulatory impact of regulations, modeling and forecasting effects of adopting draft regulations;
  • Representation and lobbying interests of agrarians in legislative, executive authorities and local self-governing authorities;
  • Facilitating communication and maintaining a permanent dialogue between representatives of domestic business, authorities, the public, international corporations, organizations and others.
Record of achievements:

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