The topic of opening the land market is one of the most widely discussed today. Part of the population supports the free sale of land, another part is strongly opposed. But every year the number of citizens who support the opening of the land market is increasing.

Quite often Ukrainian agricultural producers face a number of obstacles and problems that prevent them from doing business effectively.

Oleg Kolomiiets, Chairman of the Board of NGO "Ukrainian Agrarian Association", spoke about the problems of inefficient use and distribution of state aid funds, existence of a "shadow" land market, imperfect logistics.

What of it to Ukraine? We are already the largest supplier of cereals to the EU, but this year we can break our previous records.

Oleg Kolomiiets, Chairman of the Board of the NGO "Ukrainian Agrarian Association", gave his comments on the harvest of cereals in Europe and Ukraine this season for UNIAN.

In particular, O. Kolomiiets noted that the effects of the heat on the grain harvest in Europe will not be catastrophic, "Some decrease of production of basic cereals in the countries of Europe (France, Germany, Spain, Great Britain, Poland) is expected. However, the total gross grain harvest in Europe in 2019 is expected to be higher than in the previous season."

Ukraine possesses 1st largest in Europe and 9th largest in the world quantity of arable land. Since 2001 a moratorium on the sale of agricultural land has been in force in Ukraine. Among European countries, the sale of agricultural land is prohibited only in Ukraine and Belarus. There is no such prohibition in other European countries.

Every year, thousands of hectares of land are escheated to the state. According to the research presented by the World Bank in the framework of the research project "Monitoring of Land Relations", in 2017 in Ukraine 6,537 thousand land plots with a total area of 25,072 thousand hectares of land is recognized as subject to escheat. These lands, due to the absence of heirs by will or by law, became the property of territorial communities by court decisions.

The issue of extending or lifting the land sale moratorium was discussed during the talk show "The Wall" on a TV channel "112.Ukraine".

The borscht vegetables are reaching all possible highs this spring. On the domestic market the price of onions rose most significantly.

What caused the sharp rise in price of onions?

Executive Director of the Ukrainian Agrarian Association Maryan Zablotskyy commented on this situation for "112 Ukraine" TV channel.

On December 20, 2018, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine renewed for another year a ban on the sale of agricultural land. The corresponding bill (reg. No. 9355-5 dated December 4, 2018) was supported by 231 Members of Parliament of Ukraine.

However, this Law is purely declarative. Because, under current legislation, the land market cannot function before the law on land circulation is adopted.

That is why, the draft law adopted yesterday obliges the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine to develop and submit to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine a draft Law of Ukraine on the circulation of agricultural land by March 1, 2019.

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