The topic of opening the land market is one of the most widely discussed today. Part of the population supports the free sale of land, another part is strongly opposed. But every year the number of citizens who support the opening of the land market is increasing.

How will the land market in Ukraine work? Is there anything to be feared by ordinary people about the introduction of the land market? - these questions were discussed in the studio of Hromadske during the program "Nyni vzhe" attended by Oleg Kolomiiets, Chairman of the Board of the NGO "Ukrainian Agrarian Association".

- There is a terrible fear among ordinary people about opening the land market. In particular, fear that this land will be bought out by foreigners or agricultural corporations for almost nothing. What should be included in the land market law to reassure people that this will not happen?

- "We must first start with the fact that no one is forcing anyone to sell the land. Now, first of all, it's about the right to properly dispose of one’s own real property. Therefore, to fear that another person who has this right will dispose of something in the wrong way, not in the way that I would like it to be disposed of is not correct because it is an infringement of another person's right.

Secondly, any myths related to this are speculations aimed at reducing the value of this land. And as a result, agricultural businesses, landowners and land users will be the first to lose. If we asked any landowner today if he wanted to dispose of this land properly. Of course he would answer that he does. If we asked any landowner if he wanted to own the land. He would answer that he does.

We also need to understand. There will be no boom of everyone suddenly wanting to sell the land."

At the same time, Oleg Kolomiiets notes that the market should be as open as possible. This will ensure competition and appropriate price level close to the price level in Poland, France.

"It is also important that once the land market is opened, landowners will not only be able to sell but also to mortgage it to get a loan. These are fairly cheap loans. Because land is one of the most stable forms of collateral. And, first and foremost, small and medium-sized agricultural businesses should be interested in this."

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