The borscht vegetables are reaching all possible highs this spring. On the domestic market the price of onions rose most significantly.

What caused the sharp rise in price of onions?

Executive Director of the Ukrainian Agrarian Association Maryan Zablotskyy commented on this situation for "112 Ukraine" TV channel.

In particular, he noted that "It was more profitable for farmers to export last year. Now, unfortunately, there is no other choice except importing onions from Asian countries, we don’t have any."

Since July 2018, the export volume of onions has grown rapidly, and in total, in 2018, Ukraine exported 21 thousand tonnes of this product, which is the largest number since 2013. This coincided with a significant decline in domestic production in 2018.

These factors led, first, to a rise in prices of onions, beginning from September last year, and second, to a significant increase in the volume of its imports from abroad.

In the first two months of 2019, imports of onions amounted to 35.4 thousand tonnes , which is 58 times higher than the volume of imports for the same period of 2018 and almost twice the volume of imports of this product in the previous year.

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Ukraine imported the most onions from Asia this year. In particular, 19 thousand tonnes of onion was imported from Uzbekistan, 11 thousand tonnes from Kazakhstan, and 1 thousand tonnes from Kyrgyzstan.

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