These are draft laws of Ukraine on collective land ownership, improvement of land use rules in arrays of land, prevention of raiding (illegal seizure) and incentives (reg. No. 6049-d dated December 27, 2017) and on regulation of some phytosanitary procedures (reg. No. 6673 dated June 07, 2017).

 In particular, the Law of Ukraine "On Amendments to some legislative acts of Ukraine concerning the issues of collective land ownership, improvement of land use rules in arrays of agricultural land, prevention of raiding and incentives for irrigation in Ukraine" provides for the resolution of collective land ownership issues, procedures for inventory checks of array of lands of the State Land Cadastre.

Extremely important and still controversial was the issue of the use of land allocated for field roads within the array of land. Until the law was enacted, such land was used, but nobody paid the tax for their use in the budgets of local communities. From now on, such land is leased to a land user who uses 75% of this array, who will accordingly pay tax for their use.

Also, a land user who uses 75% of the land of the array is granted the right to lease other land plots of this array provided that another land plot is sublet instead, but by mutual consent.

The Law of Ukraine "On amendments to certain legislative acts of Ukraine regulating the conduct of certain phytosanitary procedures" established the Register of authorized phytosanitary laboratories, which allows to create an effective system for tracing the conclusions of laboratories and phytosanitary certificates.

In addition, the Law provides for:

  • the procedure for authorizing laboratories to carry out phytosanitary examination (tests),
  • administrative responsibility for officials of phytosanitary laboratories for violation of the law during phytosanitary examination.

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