• People’s Deputies
  • Industry associations
  • Agrarians
  • EDS and trust service entitites

Studying issues, regulatory field and work on the preparation of the wording of the bill are being currently carried out. Any suggestions on the content of the bill are welcome. To participate in the development of the bill, please contact the UAA.


Harmonizing standards of the Ukrainian legislation in the field of electronic document flow with the legislation of the EU, creating conditions for extensive introduction of electronic document flow in agriculture.

Taking into consideration the imperfection of the national legislation and considerable range of problems in this area, study of all the key challenges keeping this area from evolving further is being currently carried out, as well as possible ways to address them.


  1. Document flow between business entities significantly accelerated.
  2. Conditions created for recognizing electronic document of residents of Ukraine by foreign entities.
  3. Office costs of business entities reduced, as well as the amount of paper used for these purposes.

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