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Studying issues, regulatory field and work on the preparation of the wording of the bill are being currently carried out. Any suggestions on the content of the bill are welcome. To participate in the development of the bill, please contact the UAA.


Creating Conditions for Efficient Development of Railway Transport in Ukraine, Diversification of the Services and Improving Their Quality.

  1. Creating a competitive environment for the development of quality railway transport services in the face of natural monopoly in the field.
  2. Gradual liberalization of access to the market of railway transportation while preserving high standards of safety and quality.
  3. Creating conditions for private ownership of non-public railway infrastructure facilities to optimize costs of doing business requiring the use of such assets and improving quality of the services.
  4. Proper regulation of legal relations of ownership and disposition of railway rolling stock to optimize costs and quality of rolling stock and services provided using it.
  5. Admission of private carriers to the railway transport market.
  6. Simplifying terms and conditions of freight transportation using private infrastructure.
  7. Selecting technological railway transport facilities (serving only the needs of individual enterprise without entering the tracks of non-public and public use) and creating the most favorable conditions for their use to increase the efficiency of economic activities of large closed-cycle manufacturers, port facilities, and so on and reducing the cost of the products and services.
  8. Harmonizing the national legislation in the field of railway transport with the EU law.
  9. Creating the most favorable conditions for the development of agriculture in terms of efficient and cheap meeting of its logistical requirements.
  10. Improving conditions for attracting investments to the development of railway transport, etc.

  1. Quality of railway services and transport safety improved; railway transportation market diversified. 
  2. Amount of logistics component in the cost of domestic agricultural products reduced. 
  3. Transportation performance increased for the needs of agriculture and losses of agricultural producers during such transportations decreased.

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